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Maintaining Your Standards

Thinking of getting Air Conditioning installed in your Server Room?

Many large companies these days have a server room and overheating can cause computer systems to slow down or even totally crash. To prevent overheating, it is vital to keep the room cool and air conditioning is perfect for this application.

If you request a quote from us for air conditioning installation for your server room, we will visit you to complete a survey. This ensures that we quote for the correct equipment for the size of the room. We will ask relevant questions about how you use the room, such as if you have plans to increase the amount… Continue reading

Air Conditioning: The Battle of The Sexes!

Have you ever wondered why some members of staff are comfortable whilst others are shivering in their air conditioned office? There have been some studies that explains it all.

It seems that some women feel temperature differently to some men and what is comfortable to one may feel either too or to too cold. It’s all down to metabolic rates and muscle mass apparently.

For men the most comfortable working temperature is 22°C and for women 25°C. You might want to bear this in mind if your workforce are saying they are too hot or too cold!

Having said that… Continue reading

Tips to make the most of your Air Conditioning

A common issue in offices are complaints of drafts or AC blowing directly onto people giving them chills or just annoying them.  Many people just switch their systems on and pretty much accept what is “thrown out”.  Your controllers have a number of features to make your Air Conditioning more user friendly and comfortable such as fan speed control, temperature and louvre adjustment.  Some systems will operate from a timer as well.

So, how to use these features;

Timers, just like at home allow you to operate the AC out of hours to pre-heat / cool an… Continue reading

Is your Air Conditioning ready to keep you warm this winter?

As we mentioned in an earlier blog, AC is a really energy efficient form of heating but in order to work properly it should have been serviced.

Air Conditioning maintenance is essential to make sure your system is working properly and efficiently. The filters should be cleaned, electrical connections and refrigerant levels are just a few of the necessary checks. Our 36 point AC maintenance checklist makes sure your system is working at its best.

Maintenance not only makes sure your system is working optimally. It will :-


CellarBreeze™ utilises the UK’s weather system to save you money on running your cellar cooling system.

If the outdoor temperature is at least 2 degrees colder than your required cellar temperature, CellarBreeze™ will take over from your current Cellar Cooling System. It maintains the correct cellar temperature, without the need for the refrigeration system to be in continuous operation. The system is totally automated and will switch off your cooling equipment if the internal temperature can be maintained from the air outside.  This combined with SwitchBox and EndoCube is the most energy efficient way of cooling the cellar and… Continue reading

Switchbox™ / Switchbox Pro™

Switchbox™ has primarily been designed for Cellar Coolers and Remote Coolers although it can be used on Cold and Freezer Rooms.

Switchbox™ saves you money by switching the cooling system off automatically between midnight and 06:00. These times can be modified to suite different activities and if you have preferential night time electricity rates.  During these times, trade has usually ceased and the rooms are usually shut up with the lights off.  Central heating systems are usually off and other heat sources are shut down.  Ambient temperatures are naturally cooling and the product temperatures will actually maintain… Continue reading


EndoCube has been designed primarily to reduce the running costs on large refrigeration equipment such as cellar coolers, cold rooms, freezer rooms, large upright fridges and freezers.

All refrigeration equipment works in the same way. It is usually controlled by a thermostat that reads the air temperature within the unit. When the temperature rises above a defined threshold a cooling cycle is activated.

It is at the start and during the cooling cycle when most energy is used.  To reduce the amount of energy used, we need to reduce the number of times a cooling cycle is activated, and… Continue reading

Introducing PRO-Tect™

For quite some time now the STSUK Team have been working on a service that will benefit both customers and our engineers alike. Lots of ideas were bounded around, some kept and some were discarded. And now we are ready to fully launch

STSUK are proud to announce PRO-Tect™. It is a membership scheme which we feel is a little like the RAC/AA. One of the biggest gripes customers have, is having to pay for call outs and one of our biggest headaches is travel time.  We think that PRO-Tect™ is the answer to all of our prayers!… Continue reading

Do you know … Refrigeration Cleaning Chemicals?

Whilst going through some photos from some of our jobs  a few weeks ago I came across this image of an outdoor condenser on a cellar cooler

It shows that the fins have totally corroded away. I asked the team what had happened. Basically the aluminium fins on condensers are exposed to all kinds of conditions. In some areas they are also subject to corrosions from substances which become airborne such as salt from gritting roads and sea salt in coastal areas.

Another issue is that unfortunately some cleaners are acid based and after just six treatments can take… Continue reading

How STSUK helped a Pub save £95 per month.

We had a call from one of our clients, asking us to come out as their cellar was too warm.  When we arrived on site we found out that the mechanical thermostat had failed.  In this situation, SwitchBox Pro™ was the obvious choice, as the cost to replace the thermostat alone was almost the same as the upgrade.  In addition, we added EndoCube which reduces the number of compressor starts. This puts less strain on the compressor as well as reducing energy costs.

SwitchBox Pro™ is a product we have designed to reduce the running costs of… Continue reading

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