TMC – AC Upgrade

cassette air conditioner

Problem  TMC Strategic Communications recently engaged us to upgrade their existing Air-Conditioning units at their offices in Congleton. Who is TMC Strategic Communications? TMC help businesses create and build market engagement, provide creative solutions, and visually reinforce their brand. The work they do is amazing, and we’re so enthused that we can provide them with […]

Riverside Veterinary Centre Belper – AC Maintenance

Riverside Veterinary Centre Belper

Riverside Veterinary Centre in Belper is a pawesome place.   The committed team there are focused on giving the best care to your family pets.   Somewhere in all the day-to-day business of delivering that care, they (not unusually) didn’t manage to make time for a bit of routine maintenance on the air conditioning.   […]

Bargain Booze AC Repair

A local Bargain Booze store was experiencing an ongoing issue with their AC system causing headache after headache with no end in sight! They had poured their time and money into this issue with minimal results and still needed to reset the unit every half an hour just to get some running time. After re-assuring […]

Panda Plumbing – Domestic Installation

Mr and Mrs Lloyd of Tyldesley in Manchester called us to see whether there was anything we could do to help them.   Their master bedroom was a wonderfully light space, with the sun hitting the window for most of the day. Unfortunately, the negative side-effect of this was a tendency for the room to […]

Domestic Air Conditioning

Mr and Mrs Aberley of Leek, a picturesque market town in the Staffordshire Moorlands, called us to investigate whether we might be able to solve a problem that was -quite literally- causing them sleepless nights.   They had converted their loft to give themselves additional living space – an extra bedroom.   This had been […]

Condenser feet replacement

Broken Condenser

Hoylake Lights Glycol Condenser feet replacement   In attendance to carry out an FGas Check on the Glycol Systems at Hoylake Lights Wetherspoons we noticed that one of the condensers was playing a balancing act, sat on bricks precariously over a puddle thanks to the lovely British weather! For those that aren’t aware F-Gas regulations […]

St James Infirmary

cellar cooler

We were called to a Cancer research analysis facility in Leeds to investigate and remedy an issue with one of their large cold rooms.   This is a vital piece of equipment – To ensure the site had as little downtime as possible our engineer attended the same morning.   On our initial checks, we […]