New Hire – Craig McLachlan

Craig McLachlan

STSUK are pleased to announce and welcome Craig McLachlan as Client Relation Manager!     Craig will be responsible for improving our communication with existing clients, following up on quotes and improving our sales process alongside our Marketing Team. He will be a key player in the growth and development of profitable new business whilst […]

Heating and Cooling 101: The Condenser

Condenser coils with soap on them

CONDENSER The Heat Rejector What does the condenser do? The condenser’s function in a refrigeration system is to transfer heat from the refrigerant to another medium, air or water. The gaseous refrigerant condenses to a liquid inside the condenser by rejecting heat.     How does the condenser reject heat?  Let us imagine; It’s 3 […]

Heating and Cooling 101: The Compressor.

Refrigeration Compressor

COMPRESSOR The Pressure Increaser   What does the compressor do? Within a cooling system, the compressor is the component that pumps gas from low pressure to high pressure; turning refrigerant into a liquid to start the process in a continuous cycle.   How does the compressor raise gas pressure?   Remember the Gas Law we […]

Heating and Cooling 101: The Overview

Remember physics class in school?   You probably remember the rule that says: ‘energy is conserved always; it cannot be created or destroyed.’ (time to confess – I had to look it up … it was the First Law of Thermodynamics!)   Why does that have anything to do with how fridges and cooling systems […]

Author Intro – Joshua Lines

Joshua Lines

Welcome to the first of several pieces of content I will be posting here!     I believe an introduction is in order.   I’m Josh, the Digital Marketing & Operations Coordinator from STSUK. And from an early age, I’ve been deeply interested in science and technology.     Like a lot of kids, I […]