Panda Plumbing – Domestic Installation

Panda Plumbing – Domestic Installation Mr and Mrs Lloyd of Tyldesley in Manchester called us to see whether there was anything we could do to help them.   Their master bedroom was a wonderfully light space, with the sun hitting the window for most of the day. Unfortunately, the negative side-effect of this was a… Continue reading Panda Plumbing – Domestic Installation

Domestic Air Conditioning

Domestic Installation, Leek, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs Aberley of Leek, a picturesque market town in the Staffordshire Moorlands, called us to investigate whether we might be able to solve a problem that was -quite literally- causing them sleepless nights.   They had converted their loft to give themselves additional living space – an extra bedroom.… Continue reading Domestic Air Conditioning

Decomission cellar cooling equipment

The Knott/De bechevel/Wander Beyond Brewing – Decommission cellar cooling equipment and install into the brewery Cold room. A well-known brewery in Manchester requested our help to decommission two lots existing Cellar Cooler equipment in one of their sites and relocate this to their brewery to help support a cold room that was underachieving. Unfortunately, one… Continue reading Decomission cellar cooling equipment

St James Infirmary

SC Cold Room Installation – Bmech St.James University Hospital Level 5   We were called to a Cancer research analysis facility in Leeds to investigate and remedy an issue with one of their large cold rooms.   This is a vital piece of equipment. To ensure site had as little down time as possible our… Continue reading St James Infirmary