Bargain Booze AC Repair

Bargain Booze AC Repair A local Bargain Booze store was experiencing an ongoing issue with their AC system causing headache after headache with no end in sight! They had poured their time and money into this issue with minimal results and still needed to reset the unit every half an hour just to get some… Continue reading Bargain Booze AC Repair

Greyhound Hotel Cold Room

Greyhound Hotel Cold Room Evap Replacement We recently attended to a new customer under reports of their Cold Room not reaching or holding the required temperature. On arrival our engineer found both Evaporators that had been installed by the previous company were the wrong way round! Now when we say we know our jobs inside… Continue reading Greyhound Hotel Cold Room

The Square Sail Wetherspoons, Brayford

The Square Sail Wetherspoons, Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln We were called to this busy Wetherspoons pub to investigate and remedy a malfunction with their Glycol chiller.   This was a complex two-day call out but, luckily, the venue is on a matrix pricing package with us so they could be guaranteed that the resolution would… Continue reading The Square Sail Wetherspoons, Brayford

Royal British Legion Cellar Cooler Installation

Royal British Legion – Cellar Cooler Installation The Legion called on us to look at their cellar cooler. They were concerned that the one they had in place was no longer fit for its purpose – it was a bulky old unit, taking up way too much room and running inefficiently.   We attended the… Continue reading Royal British Legion Cellar Cooler Installation

Panda Plumbing – Domestic Installation

Panda Plumbing – Domestic Installation Mr and Mrs Lloyd of Tyldesley in Manchester called us to see whether there was anything we could do to help them.   Their master bedroom was a wonderfully light space, with the sun hitting the window for most of the day. Unfortunately, the negative side-effect of this was a… Continue reading Panda Plumbing – Domestic Installation

Domestic Air Conditioning

Domestic Installation, Leek, Staffordshire Mr and Mrs Aberley of Leek, a picturesque market town in the Staffordshire Moorlands, called us to investigate whether we might be able to solve a problem that was -quite literally- causing them sleepless nights.   They had converted their loft to give themselves additional living space – an extra bedroom.… Continue reading Domestic Air Conditioning

Decomission cellar cooling equipment

The Knott/De bechevel/Wander Beyond Brewing – Decommission cellar cooling equipment and install into the brewery Cold room. A well-known brewery in Manchester requested our help to decommission two lots existing Cellar Cooler equipment in one of their sites and relocate this to their brewery to help support a cold room that was underachieving. Unfortunately, one… Continue reading Decomission cellar cooling equipment

Condenser feet replacement

Condenser feet replacement Hoylake Lights Glycol Condenser feet replacement In attendance to carry out an FGas Check on the Glycol Systems at Hoylake Lights Wetherspoons we noticed that one of the condensers was playing a balancing act, sat on bricks precariously over a puddle thanks to the lovely British weather! For those that aren’t aware… Continue reading Condenser feet replacement

Old No.7 Cooler Installation

Old No.7 Cellar Cooler Installation Old No.7 Cellar Cooler Installation Old No.7 Bar and Grill were referred to us to help them with their cellar cooling needs. Preparing for the day they can open their doors and serve that first cold beer. Once we attended site to get an appreciation of the client’s requirements and… Continue reading Old No.7 Cooler Installation

St James Infirmary

SC Cold Room Installation – Bmech St.James University Hospital Level 5   We were called to a Cancer research analysis facility in Leeds to investigate and remedy an issue with one of their large cold rooms.   This is a vital piece of equipment. To ensure site had as little down time as possible our… Continue reading St James Infirmary