TMC Strategic Communications recently engaged us to upgrade their existing Air-Conditioning units at their offices in Congleton.


Who is TMC Strategic Communications?

TMC help businesses create and build market engagement, provide creative solutions, and visually reinforce their brand.


The work they do is amazing, and we’re so enthused that we can provide them with a comfortable working environment to improve their productivity and hopefully not get the cold shoulder 🥁🥁💥.


(Have I ever mentioned that Air Conditioning heats as well as cools? That’s a pretty important consideration when we’re due snow this month.)



The solution we found best was to install a Cassette AC,


(this thing if you didn’t know )


ideal for their open-planned office and a wall-mounted AC into a meeting room. We quoted accordingly and, with great help from Julie, agreed on the timeline to install these new units. 



The client was delighted with their end-product, and we hope to build an ongoing relationship with TMC moving forwards – keeping them from breaking a sweat and doing what they do best, the best way they can.

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