Mr and Mrs Aberley of Leek, a picturesque market town in the Staffordshire Moorlands, called us to investigate whether we might be able to solve a problem that was -quite literally- causing them sleepless nights.


They had converted their loft to give themselves additional living space – an extra bedroom.


This had been a huge success … save for one problem; the room was a suntrap and regularly became unbearably hot, particularly in the summer months. Hence the lack of sleep they were having!


To try and tackle this, they had bought a floor-standing air conditioning unit but, frustratingly, this seemed to be increasing the temperature rather than reducing it.


We visited their home, listened to their concerns, and assessed their requirements.


The solution was for our friendly team to fit a wall-mounted air conditioning unit that was correctly specified and calibrated for the room.

The installation required the use of scaffolding because of the eight metre drop for the pipe to run down the outside of the property, but despite this it was a straightforward ‘no fuss’ installation that took only one day to complete. The client said that they were “in awe” of how effectively the unit brought down the temperature to very comfortable levels.


Mr and Mrs Aberley have since asked for us to go back and install air conditioning throughout the property and we are looking forward to working with them again.