STSUK ensures a fully integrated service that covers the complete life cycle of Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning Refrigeration (HVACR) equipment.

Our clients are typically great businesses in the leisure, hospitality, medical, and retail sectors, or they are residential customers, all predominantly in the northwest of England, but we seem to end up everywhere!

You may recognise a few of these challenges:

  • Frustrated with equipment outages that impact productivity and profitability;
  • Irritated by those who promise the Earth and then fail to be responsive;
  • Going dizzy due to astronomical installation, running, and repair costs;
  • Tearing out clumps of your hair because you are unable to serve customers due to equipment failure;
  • Struggling to find a reliable supplier who won’t let you down.

These are just a few examples, of course. In reality, we can understand and address almost any problem you might have; we’ve been around since 2009, and we built the business by listening to our clients.


We don’t just have technical expertise; we listen to what matters to you.

Our Services

Our clients call on us because they trust our experience fitting, maintaining, and repairing Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, & Refrigeration (HVACR) equipment. Some of the styles of equipment we work on are:

  • Cold Rooms,
  • Freezer Rooms,
  • Mortuary Rooms,
  • Cellar Cooling systems,
  • Kitchen Refrigeration,
  • Bar Refrigeration,
  • Ice Machines,
  • Glycol Chillers.
  • Server Room Cooling
  • Heat Recovery Systems

Our Industries

 Our clients trust us to cater for their needs because they know we can get their equipment up and running quickly, efficiently, and economically. 

We work with clients in multiple sectors, including:

  • Commercial,
  • Medical,
  • Leisure & Hospitality,
  • Residential,
  • Retail,
  • Warehousing.

Why us?

Always referable

We work hard to be referable because that means we’re doing the best job we can.

We actively listen to our clients to improve to build long term relationships and not just one-off sales.

It’s important to us to be the provider you’ll be happy to recommend to friends, family, colleagues, and network.

Kitchen equipment

Why are people happy to refer us?

We aim to deliver the highest possible quality refrigeration and air conditioning services, installations, and equipment.

  • Presenting energy-efficient solutions to fit your needs.
  • Keeping you in mind when assessing each project.
  • Drawing on our knowledge of a broad range of existing technologies.
  • Proposing and delivering solutions tailored to your project.

What does that mean for our clients?

While we can access off-the-shelf solutions, we prefer a consultative approach, understand client needs, and present energy-efficient solutions and long-term reliability.

Our customers vary in sectors and size, but they all require refrigeration, air conditioning, or ventilation service (HVACR). When our customers have an issue with their equipment, they need it to be fixed, stay fixed, the first time, on time, in the most cost-effective way

We aim to be trusted, reliable, and referable … always.



PRO-Tect© is a common-sense Customer Support package designed to give you complete Peace of Mind.



It’s a common misconception that Air Conditioning (AC) systems only
cool the air.


Commercial Refrigeration

Businesses need flexible approaches for their commercial cooling and refrigeration systems

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Projects & Case Studies

Hospital Cellar Cooling

St James University Hospital

We were called to a Cancer research analysis facility in Leeds to investigate and remedy an issue with one of their large cold rooms. This is a vital piece of equipment. To ensure site had as little down time as possible our engineer attended the same morning

Dirty Cellar Cooling Condenser

Old No.7 Cooler Installation

Old No.7 Bar and Grill were referred to us to help them with their cellar cooling needs. Preparing for the day they can open their doors and serve that first cold beer.
Once we attended site to get an appreciation of the client’s requirements and expectations,

Broken Condenser

Condenser feet replacement

In attendance to carry out an FGas Check on the Glycol Systems at Hoylake Lights Wetherspoons we noticed that one of the condensers was playing a balancing act, sat on bricks precariously over a puddle thanks to the lovely British weather!

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