Old No.7 Bar and Grill were referred to us to help them with their cellar cooling needs. Preparing for the day they can open their doors and serve that first cold beer.

Once we attended site to get an appreciation of the client’s requirements and expectations, we selected the kit and sent out the quote including energy efficiency and extended warranty options for the client’s new equipment. This would be a one-day install for our team. Having agreed that the work should go ahead we got the ball rolling!

Delivery arrangements were made for the equipment and an install date set. When carrying out the installation we encountered a few challenges, but our skilled installation team successfully worked through these and completed the work in the allocated time without issue.

The client was delighted with the end result and we were able to offer fully maintained service package including maintenance, breakdown cover and repair parts taking away the headache and giving them peace of mind that in the coming years their new investment was taken care of without any surprise bills

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