St James Infirmary

SC Cold Room Installation – Bmech St.James University Hospital Level 5


We were called to a Cancer research analysis facility in Leeds to investigate and remedy an issue with one of their large cold rooms.


This is a vital piece of equipment. To ensure site had as little down time as possible our engineer attended the same morning. On our initial checks we noted this equipment was approximately 15 years old and had seen better days. During the investigation, our engineer came across multiple issues, the most important being a leak on the evaporator and the compressor not working efficiently resulting in a failing system. Considering the risk of a repair on this system as a whole, this particular case was very high risk, so we offered the customer three quotes.


The decision was made to replace the entire system for new as this gave the customer the best value for money, including a full warranty. Benefiting the customer further we were able to offer a fully maintained service package including maintenance, breakdown cover and repair parts taking away the headache and giving them peace of
mind that in the coming years their new investment was taken care of without any surprise bills.

Joshua Lines

Joshua Lines

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