One of our longstanding Subcontractors requested our attendance to survey a new boutique bowling alley in Deansgate, Manchester for the installation of Glycol Chillers.

Glycol Chillers are a refrigeration system often used to cool alcohol and a variety of other liquids. This site would require the installation of 2 coolers to cope with the demand for refreshing beverages from their customers once open.

After gaining an understanding of the customers expectations, requirements and needs during the survey we quoted the work same day. Once we’d been given the go ahead it was time to get the ball rolling!

This was a two-day installation for our team which required co-ordinating equipment deliveries, subcontractors such as electricians and managing the time frame provided.

This went off without a hitch and site is now ready for the day they can open their doors and welcome their first customers for a day of family fun!

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