Riverside Veterinary Centre in Belper is a pawesome place.


The committed team there are focused on giving the best care to your family pets.


Somewhere in all the day-to-day business of delivering that care, they (not unusually) didn’t manage to make time for a bit of routine maintenance on the air conditioning.



Sadly, after a couple of years between appointments, the filters were in massive need of a bit of TLC.


Dirty filters can reduce operating efficiency and increase power consumption by between 5% and 25%. The final result could be ice formation on the coils, or clogged filters can build up allergens in the duct system, which you breathe every time you use the system.


The team at Riverside noticed that the air con wasn’t working as well as it should. When our engineers attended the site, we carried out complete maintenance on all four units.



That one would need repair, but the other three units were back to total efficiency with very little fuss or impact on the veterinary centre’s operation.


The Riverside team said that they were grateful to have the telephone support from Kate in our office and were pleased that our engineer attended so promptly. One less thing for them to worry about, so they could get back to focusing on our furry friends.


Another satisfied customer!

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