We were called to this busy Wetherspoons pub to investigate and remedy a malfunction with their Glycol chiller.


This was a complex two-day call out but, luckily, the venue is on a matrix pricing package with us so they could be guaranteed that the resolution would be as swift as possible, and not cause them to incur undue unplanned expenditure, keeping them within their budget.


For those who are unfamiliar with Glycol chillers, they are a refrigeration system often used to cool a variety of liquids, including alcohol and other beverages.


These chillers are immensely powerful; they lower the temperature of the product rapidly and dramatically. In short, without these chillers up and running, The Square Sail’s customers could not be guaranteed the nice cold beer they had come into the pub to enjoy.


To start with we needed to locate the leak. This involved us introducing a leak dye into the system and flushing it through. We then located the leak using ultraviolet glasses, enabling us to see the dye.


Once we had located the problem, we were able to get the Glycol chiller units back up and running, and the customers were able to enjoy a ‘cold one’ that was actually cold!